Speaker: The future of the family doctor

I gave a talk at the 23ªS JORNADAS DE CARDIOLOGIA EM MEDICINA GERAL E FAMILIAR, in Algarve, Olhão, Hotel Real Marina, in a session on Personalised Medicine organised by. Prof. Germano de Sousa.

I discussed the present and future role of the family doctor in face of changing trends in medicine. On one hand technology is providing us new ways of diagnosing and treating, from the quantified self movement and the rise of ubiquitous sensors, the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence, crowd sourcing of information, etc. On the other hand, we face changing consumer behaviours , consumers that demand to interact with the health professionals in different ways, including the rise of telemedicine, the increasing need for regular support (“coaching”), the demand for “here and now” (e.g. Knok). Is the family doctor condemned to disappear or will it become one the few surviving medical specialities? How should we train the next generation of family doctors?